I have just started using the GPSTk software. I was trying examples in apps/ionosphere directory. I followed the README. I am not able to get TEC maps. Some message in maps.log don't make me clear:

Process at time = 2004/7/28 18:0: 0.000=1281/324000.000

0 data at epoch 2004/7/28 18:0: 0.000=1281/324000.000, file #1.

Process at time = 2004/7/28 18:0:30.000=1281/324030.000

0 data at epoch 2004/7/28 18:0:30.000=1281/324030.000, file #2.

After end time (quit) : 2004/7/28 18:1: 0.000=1281/324060.000

Then, gunplot can show some graph of igs.LL to me but it is not TEC. It may be plot of grid data. How to use apps/ionosphere to create TEC map of IGS data?

Guide of TECMaps command in UserGuide don't make me clear, no arl2100.06o and n files for trying and no examples in guide. How to use TECMaps command?

Could anyone help me? Thank you in advance.

-- SomphopSaejia - 27 Oct 2007


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