Hi, How to Solve GLONASS NAVMESS DATA(RINEX, like *.**G) using the app "Prsolve"?

-- JetLee - 20 Jan 2008


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Here is the PRSolve configuration: # Input: Obs directory is '' RINEX observation files are: rbde0140.08o Nav directory is '' navigation files are: rbde0140.08n rbde0140.08g No input meteorological data Ithing time interval is 0 # Configuration: Minimum elevation angle is 0 degrees. Trop model: BL and weather (T,P,RH): 20,980,50 ------ PRSolution configuration: Limit on RMS solution residual (m) = 6.5 Limit on RAIM 'slope' = 100 Use algebraic algorithm is false Residual criterion is RMS residuals Return-at-once option is off Maximum number of rejected satellites is unlimited Maximum iterations in linearized least squares (LLS) is 10 RSS convergence criterion (meters) in LLS is 3e-007 ------ End of PRSolution configuration. # Output: Log file is prs.log Output tags RPF Output format for time tags (cf. class DayTime) is %4F %10.3g # RINEX output: Output RINEX 'RUN BY' is GPSTk End of PRSolve configuration summary

-- JetLee - 20 Jan 2008

if I use "--useCA", it do run, but the result is not what I want.

-- JetLee - 20 Jan 2008

At this point we have never used GLONASS data with the GPSTk and the code does not support it. We have an effort underway over the next year to build in RINEX 3 support, GLONASS support, and verify it with one of the positioning applications.

-- RickMach - 05 Sep 2008 No such template def TMPL:DEF{PROMPT:supportquery}

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