I tried to use the TECMaps command to generate TEC Map from gps observation file which fails.How can i preprocess the files to get input files containing obs types EL,AZ,VR|SR for TECMaps.If anybody knows the full procedure of generating TECMaps, i ll be very much happy to to share with me. thanks and regards sampad

-- SampadKumarPanda - 24 Nov 2011


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First, You have to use DiscFix to preprocess obs in Rinex files (resulting in dfXXXX.xxo) and ResCor will use files dfXXXX.xxo + nav file (xxx.sp3 or xxx.0xn) to create input files obs EL,AZ,SR...(for example ionodataXXX.xxo) for IonoBias and TecMaps...and then You run IonoBias to estimate receiver+sattelite's differential code biases with resulting file as Satbias.txt. TecMaps uses these files along with nav files as mentioned above to generate values VTEC in format of grid data file as well as their errors.

(You can see more details in folder Gpstk/Apps/Ionosphere/Example/Readme.txt and

Good luck!

Question on TECMaps

I proceeded till IonoBias forming Satbias.txt.Now i tried the TECmaps::::: {{sampad@sampad-laptop:~/gpstk/alldata$ TECMaps -input ionokour1430.02o -nav kour1430.02n --RxXYZ 3839591.397,-5059567.567,579956.996 -LinearFit -Biases Satbias.txt}} But got the following error is coming Errors found in command line input: Option error: i Option error: n Option error: p Option error: u Option error: t Required option --input was not found. One of the following options must be specified: --RxLLH, --RxXYZ ...end of Errors

Remaining options: ionokour1430.02o -nav kour1430.02n --RxXYZ 3839591.397,-5059567.567,579956.996 -LinearFit -Biases Satbias.txt Configuration summarized in log file Do NOT output grid in file named tecmap_out.LL TECMaps timing: 0.000 seconds.

Please help suggesting the procedure and pointing my mistakes. thanks and regards, sampad

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