GPS : acquisition, code and carrier tracking


I'm a student in professional training and I work on the GPS.

I read differents documents about the GPS and I need some informations about acquisition, code and carrier tracking.

I reseach a program who process the I/Q frames from the receiver GPS.

I work on a TI platform, JACINTO with ARM/DSP and I use a MAX2769 GPS receiver.

this receiver have four outputs, SCLK, TIME_SYNC,DATA_OUT, DATA_SYNC.

In DATA_OUT, there are four data of 16 bits, sign/mag data in I and Q channels, from the ADC

Do you have a soft to process the acquisition, the code and carrier tracking?

Do you have a detailed algorithms or schematics to explain this process? Do you have related documents or links?

best regards


-- GregoireHivert - 31 Mar 2009


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Hi Greg:

The answer to all your questions is "No".

The GPSTk focuses on GPS data processing, but that data has ALREADY been acquired and tracked by the receiver.

I must add, however, that some GPSTk contributors have experience in the fields you mentioned. They have worked in algorithms for software receivers, and most of their work is under "apps/swrx" directory. Please contact them directly for further information.

There are also several resources about this in the Internet. For instance:

Best regards,

Dagoberto Salazar

-- DagobertoSalazar - 03 Apr 2009 No such template def TMPL:DEF{PROMPT:supportquery}

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