Fellow GPSToolkit users, I'm a Ph.D students and I'm interested about the fault detection applied to Atomic Clocks used in GPS satellites. Can the GPSTk analyze a rinex CLOCK (*.clk) files to extract phase and frequency data, and perform a stability analisys on them?

Thanks in advance


-- RiccardoGiglietti - 03 Jun 2009


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There is currently no class in the GPSTk that handle *.clk files,and you must write your own class to handle those files.Fortunately, it's easy to impliment the class based on the exclent work of gpstk, and I have written a class, if you need it, I'd like to share the codes with you, please send email to:


-- YanWei - 04 Jun 2009

As far as I know there is no class to handle clk files. Yan, it'd be nice if you could submit your class to the GPSTk. Riccardo, you can certainly use the GPSTk for stability analysis. For more information see:

-- ColinPetersen - 12 Jun 2009 No such template def TMPL:DEF{PROMPT:supportquery}

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