Mailing lists

Please post general questions regarding use of the GPSTk to AskedQuestions.

Note: You must be a member of the email group before posting is allowed to the group.

List Subscribe/Unsubscribe/Archive URL Purpose
gpstk-announce (archive) Announcements related to the GPSTk.
gpstk-devel (archive) Discussion related to developing the GPSTk.
gpstk-subversion (archive) (Deprecated 9/5/2013 - Kept for record) Automatically generated change notifications based on GPSTk Subversion submissions
gpstk-git (archive) Automatically generated change notifications based on GPSTk Git submissions, once ARL Git Server is set-up to send notifications to this list. Please confine discussion of code mods to gpstk-devel

To post to an email to any of the above groups, send email to to that list at For example, to write to a gpstk-announce list, you would write an email to

To subscribe or unsubscribe to a list, use the URLs above.

Old email list that are not used but have archived information:
List Subscribe/Unsubscribe/Archive URL Purpose
gpstk-users (archive) Discussion related to using the GPSTk applications.
gpstk-admin (archive) GPSTk project administration email list.

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