ficacheck/ficcheck Validating Tools



These applications read input ASCII or binary FIC and check them for errors. Ficcheck checks binary files and ficacheck checks ASCII files.

Command Summary

Optional Arguments:
Short Arg. Long Arg. Description
-d -debug Increase debug level.
-v --verbose Increase verbosity.
-h --help Print help usage.
-t --time <TIME> Time of first record to count (default is beginning of time).
-e --end-time <TIME> End time range to compare (default is end of time).


> ficacheck brokenfica
Checking brokenfica
text 0:Bad block header, record=2 location=484
text 1:blkHdr=[    ]
text 2:In record 2
text 3:In file brokenfica
text 4:Near file line 10
location 0:src/FICData.cpp:963
location 1:src/FFStream.cpp:159
location 2:src/FFStream.hpp:208
location 3:src/FFStream.hpp:208


Only the first error in each file is reported. The entire file is always checked, regardless of time options.

-- NicoleQuindara - 02 Aug 2011
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