The Extended RINEX Format

Extended RINEX is an extension of the standard RINEX 2.x format defined by ARL:UT. It defines derived data that can be associated with satellite under track at each epoch. Two major types of Extended RINEX types are topocentric coordinates azimuth and elevation, and differences, such as the widelane difference.

The list of available extended Rinex obs types:
  OT Description          Units     Required input (EP=ephemeris,PS=Rx Position)
  -- -------------------- --------- ------------------
  ER Ephemeris range      meters                 EP PS
  RI Iono Delay, Range    meters           P1 P2      
  PI Iono Delay, Phase    meters     L1 L2            
  TR Tropospheric Delay   meters                 EP PS
  RL Relativity Correct.  meters                 EP   
  SC SV Clock Bias        meters                 EP   
  EL Elevation Angle      degrees                EP PS
  AZ Azimuth Angle        degrees                EP PS
  SR Slant TEC (PR)       TECU             P1 P2      
  SP Slant TEC (Ph)       TECU       L1 L2            
  VR Vertical TEC (PR)    TECU             P1 P2 EP PS
  VP Vertical TEC (Ph)    TECU       L1 L2       EP PS
  LA Lat Iono Intercept   degrees                EP PS
  LO Lon Iono Intercept   degrees                EP PS
  P3 TFC(IF) Pseudorange  meters           P1 P2      
  L3 TFC(IF) Phase        meters     L1 L2            
  PF GeoFree Pseudorange  meters           P1 P2      
  LF GeoFree Phase        meters     L1 L2            
  PW WideLane Pseudorange meters           P1 P2      
  LW WideLane Phase       meters     L1 L2            
  MP Multipath (=M3)      meters     L1 L2 P1 P2      
  R1 (P1 + L1)/2          meters     L1    P1         
  R2 (P2 + L2)/2          meters        L2    P2      
  M1 L1 Range minus Phase meters     L1    P1         
  M2 L2 Range minus Phase meters        L2    P2      
  M3 IF Range minus Phase meters     L1 L2 P1 P2      
  M4 GF Range minus Phase meters     L1 L2 P1 P2      
  M5 WL Range minus Phase meters     L1 L2 P1 P2      
  XR Non-dispersive Range meters     L1 L2 P1 P2      
  XI Ionospheric delay    meters     L1 L2 P1 P2      
  X1 Range Error L1       meters     L1 L2 P1 P2      
  X2 Range Error L2       meters     L1 L2 P1 P2      
  SX Satellite ECEF-X     meters                 EP   
  SY Satellite ECEF-Y     meters                 EP   
  SZ Satellite ECEF-Z     meters                 EP   

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