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I'm using DDbase to measure the local deformation of a glacier.

This works fine for approximately 1/6 sets of GPS data (24 hour recordings from 2 receivers), but the rest of the data analysis complains saying:

DDBase --Log logs/S1_S2_015_0520..txt --DT 30.0 --NavFile rinex/S1/015_0520.15n --EOPFile eopp/EOPP5052.TXT --PosXYZ 1426023.0836,-703452.2387,-6156086.4945,m0 --PosXYZ 1426016.4038,-703442.3143,-6156091.1208,m1 --Fix m0 --ObsFile rinex/S1/015_0520.15o,m0 --ObsFile rinex/S2/015_0520.15o,m1

DDBase, ARL:UT DD phase estimation processor, Ver 4.8 5/13/11, Run 2015/02/25 15:24:34 Compute baseline : m0-m1 ---- Input is valid ---- GPSTk Exception : text 0:Unexpected matching beginValid time but not Toe, for GPS 1, beginValid= 2015/02/21 02:00:00 GPS, Toe(map)= 2015/02/21 02:00:00 GPS, Toe(candidate)= 2015/02/21 04:00:00 GPS location 0:/home/davnes/gpstk-2.5.src/dev/ext/lib/GNSSEph/OrbitEphStore.cpp:231 location 1:/home/davnes/gpstk-2.5.src/dev/ext/lib/GNSSEph/OrbitEphStore.cpp:288 location 2:/home/davnes/gpstk-2.5.src/dev/ext/lib/GNSSEph/GPSEphemerisStore.hpp:113 location 3:/home/davnes/gpstk-2.5.src/dev/ext/lib/FileHandling/RINEX/RinexUtilities.cpp:483 location 4:/home/davnes/gpstk-2.5.src/dev/ext/lib/FileHandling/RINEX/RinexUtilities.cpp:502 location 5:/home/davnes/gpstk-2.5.src/dev/ext/apps/geomatics/relposition/Configure.cpp:237 location 6:/home/davnes/gpstk-2.5.src/dev/ext/apps/geomatics/relposition/Configure.cpp:86


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-- DavidJones - 25 Feb 2015


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