Hi! I'am trying to use ddbase to process 3 rinex file. If I fix (--fix 1) only one station I have no problem and good solution, but if I try to fix a second station the program crash and I can't get any solution. Ideas?

PS this is my file.inp: # primaprova.inp : Primo file di input per DDBase copiato interamente dal manuale path a parte # da far girare con il comando DDBase --file primaprova.inp --Log primaprova.log --BeginTime 2010,08,02,00,00,00 --EndTime 2010,08,02,23,59,59 --ObsPath c:--ObsFile mstr2140.10o,MSTR --ObsFile pado2140.10o,PADO --ObsFile sdna2140.10o,SDNA --NavPath c:--NavFile igs15951.sp3 #--NavFile MSTR2140.10N --EOPPath c:--EOPFile finals2000A.all --MinElev 13.0 --DT 30.0 #vedere se c'č qualche comando il GPSTK che permette di esprimere il sample in qualche variabile e andarlo a leggere --PosXYZ 4377147.2279,949460.4152,4525766.8784,MSTR --PosXYZ 4388882.3263,924567.1872,4519588.5277,PADO --PosXYZ 4360878.2289,971910.0526,4536618.8382,SDNA --TropModel Saas,MSTR --TropModel Saas,PADO --TropModel Saas,SDNA

--Fix MSTR --Fix PADO --Freq L3

#Con l'ultima iterazione fissa le ambiguitā (biases) e eliminale #--FixBiases #Base calcolata, vediamo di capire che combina #--BaseOut MSTR-SDNA,1000.0,1000.0,1000.0

-- ErnestoRonci - 25 Oct 2010


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Ernesto - I am unable to make DDBase fail by fixing more than one station. There was a bug like this some time ago, but it was fixed - see ( Perhaps there is some other problem. If you cannot resolve it, perhaps you could upload your data and input files. Regards, Brian Tolman

-- BrianTolman - 28 Oct 2010

I'm using windows 7 (64bit maybe??) and the last download for windows. OK, where can I upload the files? Many thanks!!

-- ErnestoRonci - 28 Oct 2010

How big are the zipped data files? You can attach the files to this topic using the "Attach" button in the upper right or on the bottom of this page.

-- RickMach - 28 Oct 2010

I'm trying many different solution, but I can't achieve a result using 2 or more station with --Fix option... Any idea? Thank you!

-- ErnestoRonci - 02 Nov 2010

Ernesto - I have run DDBase with your input and find no problem. I will upload the log file. The differences between my version and the latest GPSTk version under /dev are trivial, I think. I will try again on Windows using the version from /dev.

Which version of DDBase are you using - what is the first line of the log file? Was it downloaded from when? Exactly which version of windows do you have, and which compiler (and what version) do you use?

-- BrianTolman - 09 Nov 2010

This does not fail on Windows XP. Perhaps it is a Windows 7 and/or 64-bit problem. Anyone?

-- BrianTolman - 09 Nov 2010

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Thanks very Much Brian. I've not tried to use Xp 32bit, unfortunately I've only WIN7 PC, but today I tried to work with a virtual Machine running Ubuntu10.10 and all seems to work fine. So I think that we can wait if anyone has the same problem with WIN7 or close as Answered Question. Thank again!! Bye!

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primaprova.loglog primaprova.log manage 254.5 K 09 Nov 2010 - 16:20 BrianTolman Output using Ernesto's data and latest version of DDBase under Linux
primaprova.rarrar primaprova.rar manage 4090.7 K 02 Nov 2010 - 10:20 ErnestoRonci The raw data used.
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