I have managed to compile DDBase in Windows as a console application.

I am unsure as to the function of the parameter MinDDSeg? I had to reduce the default value (50) to an abitrary number (7) to make the program produce a solution.

i would like to understand what the parameter is for so that I understand what I am actually doing.

Also, I had to fix two lines of code in the DDBase application to make it run under windows. Who should I notify to inform these bugs ?

-- AlanBuchanan - 13 Jan 2008


ALERT! If you answer a question - or have a question you asked answered by someone - please remember to edit the page and set the status to answered. The status is in a drop-down list below the edit box.

You can email me the diffs or attach them to this wiki page. Which version of the compiler and GPSTk are you working with? I know I have the current subversion and the newly release 1.4 compiling under Windows with both Cygwin and Visual Studio. I'm getting our DDBase author to address your question.

-- RickMach - 13 Jan 2008

Continuous segments of double differences that have fewer than MinDDSeg points are deleted.

-- BrianTolman - 14 Jan 2008 No such template def TMPL:DEF{PROMPT:supportquery}

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