Hi All,

I tried processing a station using 4 nearby reference stations. I created a configuration file stating the observation files for all (4 fixed + 1 unknown station) and specified the coordinates for these stations. I also asked to fix the 4 reference stations.

Running DDBase printed a lot of binary garbage to the console and nothing was processed. I then reduced in the same configuration file all but 1 reference station, and DDBase produced a solution.

Is the current version of DDBase unable to calculate a stations position using more than 1 reference station?


-- AlainMuls - 06 Jan 2010


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DDBase should be able to process with any number (>0) of reference stations; this must be a bug. Could you possibly send the config file and the data?

-- BrianTolman - 07 Jan 2010

-- AlainMuls - 08 Jan 2010


I prepared a tar.gz archive but I do not know how to upload it to this Wiki (it is also quite large!). Perhaps you can get it from a ftp-server: login: anonymous passwd: your email address dir: /outgoing/amuls file: AMULS.tar.gz

I have 3 reference stations ANTW KALL BREC and wanted to calculate my local reference RFST using all 3 stations. I therefor prepared DDBase conf files for all possible combinations (combinations are reflected in the naming of the conf file). WHen I run DDBase using only 1 reference, everything runs just fine. Using 2 fixed stations, I get a lot of garbage on screen but finally (minutes later) I get a valid log file. WIth 3 references I just get a core dump.

Tx for looking at these data.

kind regards Alain Muls

-- AlainMuls - 08 Jan 2010

I have just downloaded the file and will pass it along to BrianTolman

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