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I am having difficulty computing point estimates with a 3 hour set of data collected 9 meters from a CORS site on a rooftop. Two additional days of data (10 hours in total) were also collected as part of an experiment.

There is a wall next to the chosen site (further from the CORS) which may be creating larger errors in the DDs.

The test statistic criterion 'tolsigyx' within EditDDs appears to be pulling out much of the data. This occurs for both master SVs chosen (22 and 14) which vary DD pair deletions.

Leica Geo Office computes estimates fine, yet doesn't help my research into GPSTk which loses geometry in this process due to this criterion.

"double tolsigyx = 0.02; // limit on conditional sigma 0.02 0.5"

The error in the log file is as follows:

"Warning - high sigma (2) for 1 2 G19 G22 L1 : 0.031" "Warning - Delete 1 2 G19 G22 L1: unable to sigma strip" "1 2 G19 G22 total = 7201, count = 0 - 7200 -- Delete this DD dataset."

This possibly points to poor site selection (multipath). However I wish to confirm this for my research.


Thanking you very much,



I should also add that in later experiments I wish to induce multipath using a deflector, using GPSTk to output RAW, unedited data. This will not doubt further the difficulty of this problem. Have you experimented with values for tolsigyx?


-- MichaelRigby - 22 Oct 2007


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Disregard this post. I have edited, tested and recompiled with necessary changes.

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