Hi, I am using the precompiled version of DDBase for Windows. I try to run DDBase, but after successfully checking and reading the input files it crashes at the routine EditRawDataBuffers() At least this is the last entry in the Log-file. I do have a vague suspicion about the reason, but not sure: The observation files I use come from different receivers and look somewhat different. One of the stations log the data with 5 digit precision, the other with 4 digits only. Can the 5 digits cause problems when parsing the file? I discovered that when using mergeRinObs with the several 5 digit files, the results look a bit funny.

What do you think?

-- HeikoApel - 22 Oct 2008


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solved that problem by not using the precompiled binaries, but compiling them from source (with jam) on my computer. No crashes encountered after that.

-- HeikoApel - 23 Oct 2008 No such template def TMPL:DEF{PROMPT:supportquery}

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