I've been looking around the docs for GPStk and it seems like the tool for this is probably in here, i just can't figure out exactly which one/how to find the right utility.

I have some GPS field data collected with a trimble gps unit that is corrupted. I can't convert the data to an .ssf file as usual, but have access to the raw data files. there are 9 files, (.dd, .gic, .gip, .gis, .giw, .gix, .obs, .obx, .pen) The .obs is the largest, and i assume that it contains the positions of the features i'm hoping to resurrect. Is there a GPStk utility that will convert the .obs file into a file usable in a gis? (shp, x/y, whatever) just so that i can see the positions collected?

Thanks so much, Jamie Robertson

-- JamieRobertson - 04 Sep 2011


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Currently the GPSTk does not support Trimble raw formats. You might try the TEQC program by UNAVCO. Sorry we don't have anything to help.

-- RickMach - 05 Sep 2011 No such template def TMPL:DEF{PROMPT:supportquery}

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