I'm trying to run PRSolve in gpstk 2.5 but I'm getting an error in CommonTime. Here's the exception:

CommonTime objects not in same time system, cannot be compared: UNK = UTC
location 0:/home/bparsons/git/gpstk/dev/ext/lib/TimeHandling/CommonTime.cpp:360
location 1:/home/bparsons/git/gpstk/dev/ext/apps/positioning/PRSolve.cpp:1198

And here's the relevant part of the code:

bool CommonTime::operator<( const CommonTime& right ) const
/// Any (wildcard) type exception allowed, otherwise must be same time systems
if ((m_timeSystem = TimeSystem::Any &&
right.m_timeSystem = TimeSystem::Any) &&
m_timeSystem = right.m_timeSystem)
InvalidRequest ir("CommonTime objects not in same time system, cannot be compared: " +
m_timeSystem.asString() + " = " + right.m_timeSystem.asString());

I'm not sure what UNK time even is. My obs and nav files look correct. What could be causing the error and how might I resolve it?

-- DavidM - 26 Jun 2015


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