Hello everybody! I get the following comments from example 8.

// Used to decimate data. This is important because RINEX observation // data is provided with a 30 s sample rate, whereas SP3 files provide // satellite clock information with a 900 s sample rate. #include "Decimate.hpp"

Is that mean when do PPP with 30s sampling interval obs data and 900s interval sp3 ephmeris,one has to decimate obs data from 30s to 900s? If I want to process every epoch of 30s interval of obs data,what can I do? Can GPSTk use IGS Clock Rinex File(*.CLK)?

-- YanWei - 22 Mar 2009


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Dear Mr. Wei:

You correctly interpreted the comments: You detect cycle slips at a 30 s data rate but must decimate to 900 s data rate.

The main reason for this is because satellite clocks must NOT be interpolated in order to retain the precision level.

On the other hand, you can of course use the information from *.CLK files, but be aware that in that case you must write the class to handle those files. There is currently no class in the GPSTk that provides this feature.

Best regards,

Dagoberto Salazar

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