Hello Sir, I am trying to build GPSTk under Windows. In, it asks me to follow five steps to build it. However I am stuck in the 5th step and dont know how to proceed. Step 5 says "At this point, change directory (cd) to your copy of the \dev directory of the toolkit, i.e. the directory that contains Jamrules, and simply type jam to build the entire toolkit. Jam will tell you which compiler you are using, and then get to work."

I have a few questions here:
  1. is \dev dir of the toolkit the gpstk source code (My gpstk source code is in the following dir. "C:\gpstk1.3.src\gpstk") ????
  2. Should I copy the jam.exe file in gpstk source code path ????????
  3. Or is the dir mentioned in Step 5 of GPSTk, the GPS Toolkit dir that I installed??????
  4. Where should I keep the jam.exe file that I installed??????
  5. Is there anything else that I should know
Please help me as I am totally lost and have been trying this for more than week with no results. Thanks and Regards, Pradeep Kashyap

-- PradeepKashyap - 19 Oct 2007


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For some more detail see IRC log,Fri

-- RickMach - 19 Oct 2007

Yes the dev directory is wherever you have downloaded the gpstk code. The file Jamrules should be in this directory. You can store jam.exe in this directory if you want, or in a directory that is in the path environment variable; all that matters is that you can execute jam while in the dev directory.

-- BrianTolman - 19 Oct 2007

The environment variables you must set are case-sensitive. They are documented on the wiki page under installing under windows. For example,
set MSCVER=1400
call VSVARS32
When you run jam, you should be in the directory in which Jamrules resides.

-- BrianTolman - 22 Oct 2007 No such template def TMPL:DEF{PROMPT:supportquery}

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