Hello all, I followed the following steps in an attempt to download, install, compile and run the example1 code:

1)downloaded per: svn checkout 2) Created and configured Visual Studio project per instructions "Building under Microsoft VS (without JAM, and using source code under ./dev/src, but also tried under Release20/src, too)" 3)right-click Rebuild Solution from popup menu & getting compilation error as follows:

Results: c:\projects\gps toolkit\gpstk\dev\src\rinexconverter.cpp(630): error C2039: 'asRinex3ID' : is not a member of 'gpstk::ObsID' 1> c:\projects\gps toolkit\gpstk\dev\src\obsid.hpp(76) : see declaration of 'gpstk::ObsID'

Thanks in advance, -Rob

-- RobSchein - 25 Jun 2012

I downloaded the v1.7xbackup tarball, and I am now able to build the project. -Rob

Hi Rob,

If you are interested in using either RINEX 3 or multi-GNSS functionality, you should now be able to check out the trunk code and build it, or download the GPSTk 2.0 source or pre-built toolkits from the "Files" area of the gpstk project on SourceForge. We have just completed the version 2.0 release. Please let us know if you have any more questions.

-- SusanCummins - 27 Jun 2012

Hello all,

I experienced the same problem. I have a couple of compilation errors in the rinexconverter.cpp file when using GPStk 2.0. Among them the error above and the following:

error C2039: 'system': is not a member of 'gpstk::Rinex3ObsHeader' rinexconverter.cpp lines 258/600

error C2440: 'initializing': cannot convert from 'const std::vector<_Ty>' to 'std::vector<_Ty>' rinexconverter.cpp 543

error C2678: binary '!=': no operator found which takes a left-hand operand of type 'std::_Tree_const_iterator<_Mytree>' rinexconverter.cpp 621

error C2440: 'initializing': cannot convert from 'std::_Tree_const_iterator<_Mytree>' to 'std::_Tree_const_iterator<_Mytree>' konvertiert werden rinexconverter.cpp 620

error C2679: binary '=': no operator found which takes a right-hand operand of type 'std::vector<_Ty>' rinexconverter.cpp 410-413

The code was downloaded from the sourceforge website and also using the head revision of the svn repository (which seem to be identical)


-- StefanJunker - 14 Feb 2013


I too am having this issue with Rinex3 and MSVS2010. Like Rob, I'm building under MSVS without Jam (I need a 64bit version of the library and its not obvious to me how I would do this with JAM).

What I found is that the errors go away when I remove the "static" keyword from the function declarations in RinexConverter.hpp, and the "const" keyword in the function definition. Its not immediately clear why this would be an issue under MSVS 2010 - perhaps there is some compiler setting I'm overlooking or maybe the MSVS is just wonky?

Ultimately, I just commented out the offending Rinex3 code since I wasn't using that feature.

-- MichaelKarasoff - 19 Jun 2013

Hello Michael,

I'm sorry to hear of the issues you are encountering with the toolkit. In case you weren't aware, GPSTk v2.1 was release 2 days ago and includes 64-bit binaries for windows. If you have made significant changes to your own GPSTk repo, you can compile your own binaries using Jam ( on a 64-bit Windows system. The Linker/Compiler will build the code to the specification of the system (32bit system -> 32bit binaries, etc).

In reference to your RinexConverter.hpp compile errors, I am not sure of what the problem is. VS2010 was used to compile (Jam) v2.1 and that particular error never occurred. After fixing other warnings and errors, GPSTk now runs cleanly using VS2010. That leads me to believe, as you also suspected, it is a setting found in the MSVS IDE that is causing the error. If you get the same Rinex compile error using v2.1, feel free to post the actual compile error message and we will address it.

Thanks for your contribution to the GPSTk.

-- BryanParsons - 28 Jun 2013
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