I wanted to install the gpstk un my MACOSX10.9 I got the following error code after typing make in my terminal.

What can I do?

Many thanks

[ 35%] Building C object src/CMakeFiles/gpstk.dir/getopt1.c.o Linking CXX shared library libgpstk.dylib [ 35%] Built target gpstk Scanning dependencies of target geomatics [ 36%] Building CXX object lib/geomatics/CMakeFiles/geomatics.dir/AntexData.cpp.o [ 36%] Building CXX object lib/geomatics/CMakeFiles/geomatics.dir/AntexHeader.cpp.o [ 36%] Building CXX object lib/geomatics/CMakeFiles/geomatics.dir/DDid.cpp.o [ 36%] Building CXX object lib/geomatics/CMakeFiles/geomatics.dir/DiscCorr.cpp.o In file included from /Users/vhelm/ASIRAS/PROGS/gpstk/lib/geomatics/DiscCorr.cpp:51: In file included from /Users/vhelm/ASIRAS/PROGS/gpstk/lib/geomatics/DiscCorr.hpp:39: /Users/vhelm/ASIRAS/PROGS/gpstk/lib/geomatics/SatPass.hpp:474:15: error: friend declaration specifying a default argument must be a definition friend int SatPassFromRinexFiles(std::vector<std::string>& filenames, ^ 1 error generated. make[2]: * [lib/geomatics/CMakeFiles/geomatics.dir/DiscCorr.cpp.o] Error 1 make[1]: * [lib/geomatics/CMakeFiles/geomatics.dir/all] Error 2 make: * [all] Error 2

-- VeitHelm - 08 Apr 2014


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