Hi, I got a error when call inverseLUD() under windows xp,and my compiler is microsoft visual c++ 9.0.

Error Location: in file 'MatrixFunctors.hpp',line 508.

template <class BaseClass2>
      void backSub(RefVectorBase<T, BaseClass2>& v) const
         throw (MatrixException)
         if(LU.rows() != v.size()) {
            MatrixException e("Vector size does not match dimension of LUDecomp");

         bool first=true;
         size_t N=LU.rows(),i,j,ii;                             // ***  ii should be initialized with zero
         T sum;

         // un-pivot
         for(i=0; i<N; i++) {
            sum = v(Pivot(i));
            v(Pivot(i)) = v(i);
            if(first && sum != T(0)) {
               ii = i;
               first = false;
            else for(j=ii; j<i; j++) sum -= LU(i,j)*v(j);     // *** ii doesn't set a init value before using it
            v(i) = sum;
         // back substitution
         for(i=N-1; ; i--) {
            sum = v(i);
            for(j=i+1; j<N; j++) sum -= LU(i,j)*v(j);
            v(i) = sum / LU(i,i);
            if(i == 0) break;       // b/c i is unsigned
      }  // end LUD::backSub

FIX Method:

change line 497 from

size_t N=LU.rows(),i,j,ii;


size_t N=LU.rows(),i,j,ii(0);

Wish some super developers can check the code and fix the error.

-- YanWei - 11 Apr 2009


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-- BrianTolman - 16 Apr 2009

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