ash2mdp/ash2xyz Converters



These applications process Ashtech Z(Y)-12 observation and ephemeris data and output satellite positions and ionospheric corrections in either MDP or XYZ format.

Command Summary

Optional Arguments:
Short Arg. Long Arg. Description
-i   Where to get data from. The default is to use stdin.
-o   Where to send the output. The default is to use stdout.
-d --debug Increase debug level.
-v --verbose Increase verbosity.
-h --help Print help usage.
-w --week=<NUM> The full GPS week in which this data starts. use this option when the start time of the data being processed is not during this week.
-s --offset=<NUM> Output SV positions at a time offset from the current time. Give a positive or negative integer of seconds.
-n --num-points=<NUM> Width of the exponential filter moving window, in number of points. Default is 36.


Input is on the command line, or of the same format in a file (-f<file>).

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