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I have a new idea about PPP, and I need to do the following transformation: Assume there is a station with position [ecefStaX, ecefStaY, ecefStaZ] in ECEF, and a satellite with position [ecefSatX, ecefSatY, ecefSatZ] in ECEF. The station's topocentric system is UEN, I want to rotate the satellite position vector around the U axes. I get a hint from another label "DgpsQuestion" and here is my codes:

// station position
Position staPos(ecefStaX, ecefStaY, ecefStaZ);   
// satellite position
Position satPos(ecefSatX, ecefSatY, ecefSatZ);  

// the vector between station position and satellite position
Triple ecefDXYZ(satPos[0]-staPos[0],satPos[1]-staPos[1],ecefDetZ=satPos[2]-staPos[2]);

// transform ecefDXYZ from ECEF to UEN
Triple uen = ecefDXYZ.R3(+staPos.longitude()).R2(-staPos.geodeticLatitude());

// rotate angle around U axes

// transform the vector from UEN to ECEF
Triple xyz = enu.R2(+staPos.geodeticLatitude()).R3(-staPos.longitude());

// get the desire satellite position
Position satPos2(staPos[0]+xyz[0],staPos[1]+xyz[1],staPos[2]+xyz[2]);

Is there any problem in my codes? Thank you.


-- YanWei - 14 Jul 2009


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Hi Yan,

Again, I jump in ... This link FromGeodeticToTopocentricCoordinates might clear up some things for you. If so, please mark your question as solved/answered.


-- OctavianAndrei - 14 Jul 2009


The link is helpful. I make a mistake in my codes:

// rotate angle around U axes

Thank you.


-- YanWei - 14 Jul 2009 No such template def TMPL:DEF{PROMPT:supportquery}

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