Hi, I tried to integrate some GPSTk designed classes in a particular VC++ application. When I a tried to compile my app, I got the following error:

Build started: Project: Test01, Configuration: Debug Win32 ------ Compiling... Test01.cpp d:\test01\test01\stringutils.hpp(70) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'regex.h': No such file or directory

Actually this file is not found at all in: "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC\include\"

How can this problem be overcome?

Thank you.

-- OctavianAndrei - 20 Jan 2008


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Hello again,

It was my mistake. I assumed that "regex.h" file is a standard header file. In the end, I found "regex.h" and "regex.c" also designed by GPSTk and I added them to my project. When I compiled my project it was needed to make some minor changes according with the compilation errors and in the end I was successful.

Have a nice week!

-- OctavianAndrei - 20 Jan 2008

When you build the GPSTk using the built in Jamfile under VC++, it compiles for us without errors using the regex shipped with the GPSTk. What type errors did you get?

-- RickMach - 21 Jan 2008

Well, actually I did not compile/build the entire GPSTk application. From the "gpstk/dev/src" directory, I copied some GPSTk classes to my application. I guess is not the most effective way, isn't it? On the other hand, I tried building under Unix-like environment cygwin, but I was not succesful. I saved the output in a file, but I am not sure what went wrong. Could I send somehow this file to you and take a look? Is it possible via IRC channel?

-- OctavianAndrei - 21 Jan 2008

Today I build the GPSTk app under VC++ 2005. The are some warnings in the "jam.out" file, but no errors. Exe files are created and I could run some of them. Is it possible to send you this file and take a look?

I install also an IRC app. Does anybody seen me there? (I saw RichMarch and ckuethe, but I could not send them a private message)

In this link:, at the Detailed information section, you make reference to a sp3_test.cpp file. I was not able to find it? Is it possible to provide it too?

-- OctavianAndrei - 22 Jan 2008

The reference to sp3_test.cpp is not correct. The reference code is called petest.cpp. I have updated the code in subversion and the docs should be updated by tomorrow.

-- RickMach - 22 Jan 2008 No such template def TMPL:DEF{PROMPT:supportquery}

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