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Is it possible to give more explanations about this topic (InstallingRegexSupportForVisualCPP). After not using gpstk for a while, now I discover that in the mean time your organization decided to stop using regex file. After I updated the repository I noticed that the old regex file was deleted.

Personally, I have used VC++ since beginning due to the easiness in debugging (in my case). I did some minor changes in some files (e.g., instead of #include <filename.hpp> I had to change to #include "filename.hpp") and I could compile the libraries and work with them pretty easy.

I could not understand from your post if I have to install GnuWin32 ... or only the PCRE. However, I did download PCRE but I think I have to compile it my self and is not possible to do it without cygwin ... or GnuWin32 .... I have to admit now I am totally lost.

Thus for now, I decided to use the regex file from version 1.5.

Thank you for your time and explanations

-- OctavianAndrei - 24 May 2008


ALERT! If you answer a question - or have a question you asked answered by someone - please remember to edit the page and set the status to answered. The status is in a drop-down list below the edit box.

I have hopefully clarified the page by removing the link to PCRE. GnuWin32 is a compiled version of PCRE. If you install GunWin32, update your compiler to include a path to those files, everything should compile again. Re-open this topic if you need more of an explanation.

-- RickMach - 25 May 2008

I attached the build log output file. I assume I still do something wrong. Any hint?

PS: I use Microsoft Visual Studio ver 8.0. I open it and then I go to Tools > Options > Project and Solutions > VC++ Directories and add the new GnuWin32 links to: Executable files (..\GnuWin32\bin-directory), Include files(..\GnuWin32\include) and Library files (..\GnuWin32\lib)

-- OctavianAndrei - 28 May 2008

Based on this, are you using a custom make file/MS studio project and not jam/jamfiles that are shipped with the gpstk to build the library? I think the problem is if you are using your own build files, you also need to tell the compiler what library to link in. I would try adding regex.lib to the list of link libraries as is specified in the Jamrules file shipped with the gpstk.

-- RickMach - 29 May 2008

Boost regex works for me. I had to add libboost_regex-vc100-mt to the project and edit StringUtils.hpp:
#ifdef _WIN32
   #if _MSC_VER < 1700 
        // For lower version of visual studio 2012 use boost regex 
      //#include <regex.h>
      #include <boost/regex.h>
      //#pragma comment(lib, "regex.lib") 
        // visual studio 2012 support c++ 0x, and we use std::regex
      #include <regex>
Since I use boost anyway, and I need a 64bit gpstk lib, this made sense.

-- MichaelKarasoff - 20 Jun 2013


Sorry for the delayed response, as we were getting ready for the release of v2.1 of GPSTk. I'm glad you were able to use the Boost regex to successfully compile GPSTk under MSVS. As you have noticed, we currently only support using Jam on Microsoft platforms, which forces those using MSVS to make the changes necessary to compile the source under the MSVS IDE. In the next version release (v2.2), we will be including support for a CMake build platform for GPSTk, which will generate the necessary makefiles for various IDEs, including MSVS and XCode. I think this will be of great interest to yourself and others that use IDEs to work with GPSTk. We appreciate posts like this, that provide information that will be essential in creating a robust, high quality build platform.

Thanks for your contribution to the GPSTk.

-- BryanParsons - 28 Jun 2013 No such template def TMPL:DEF{PROMPT:supportquery}
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