I want to know more about the GPSTk branches RC1.6 and rinex3_dev, where can I get these information? will these branches be merged in future? Thank you in advance.


-- YanWei - 04 Jul 2009


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The RC1.6 branch is one that was taken on Friday, June 19th from the main branch. This branch will be used for final testing and bug fixes for the upcoming 1.6 stable release. Any bug fixes/changes in that branch will get rolled into the mainline as well.

The rinex3_dev branch is a branch we created to work on some more radical changes to the data structures and RINEX support without disrupting other developers in the main branch. We are working at adding RINEX 3.0 support and validating it using GPS and GLONASS data. Once it is complete, the plan is to integrate the changes into the mainline.

-- RickMach - 04 Jul 2009

Thank you for answer.

-- YanWei - 04 Jul 2009 No such template def TMPL:DEF{PROMPT:supportquery}

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