Wrapper interface for Perl, Python, others

It would be nice to benefit from GPSTk functionality by direct calls from within scripting languages without perl. By direct, I mean without invoking an application then parsing its output. Instead, the gpstk library itself is called from the script which returns a language-specific result.

Bryce Deary of ARINC has suggested the use of the swig project to create a wrapper for multiple languages.


Thanks Bryce!

-- Contributors: RickMach - 11 Jan 2007


There is a SWIG specification in apps/bindings/python. It was created by an ARL:UT honors student in the summer of '05. This was in response to a suggestion from Bryce Deary (a verbal suggestion after the 2004 ION presentation of the GPSTk). Also, it might be possible to make MATLAB or Octave bindings using MatWrap, a SWIG knockoff, specialized for the two matrix-oriented languages. But MatWrap last I checked was not being maintained.

-- BenHarris - 02 Oct 2007
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