Help on getting started as a GPSTk developer

Development of the GPSTk is performed in Git. While specific patch can be submitted by email, the preferred method is for all developers to directly modify the Gitrepository, once the ARL Git Server has been set-up.

Anyone wishing to contribute will have to get authorization to check in to Git by the GPSTk CoreTeam. The GPSTk CoreTeam will retain both the right to rescind access to particular developers and to remove items from the repository that the GPSTk CoreTeam judges to be inappropriate for the toolkit. The process to apply for a Git write access will be very simple:

  1. Read DeveloperResponsibilities to fully understand what you are getting into.
  2. All developers are recommended to subscribe to WebNotify in the Development web and WebNotify in the Documentation web, in order to be notified automatically when something changes in either web.
  3. You should also subscribe to the Sourceforge list on the GPSTkEmailLists for check-in notifications and occasional conversational discussions among developers.
  4. Create a ARL GitLab account (http://address/of/future/server). As part of this process you will choose a UNIX name for yourself. Take note of this UNIX name as you will need it later for access to the GitLab repository.
  5. Email the GPSTk CoreTeam at If they don't already know you, introduce yourself and your plans for contribution to the GPSTk. In the email include the UNIX name of your development account with GitLab.

Even before you get checkin rights, you can download the Sourceforge GPSTk Source Release Candidate and start developing. See the GitReadme for getting started with Git. Also read the CodingStandards.

See the LicensingAndCopyrightFAQ if you have questions about the licenses that apply to GPSTk, and how they might effect your work.


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