Release Notes Version 2.4

  • Version 2.4 is comprised of Git revision number be08ff6 to Git revision number ca1b294
  • Core & Ext Folder Structure implemented
    • Core Folder
      • Location of Core GPSTk Code base, fully reviewed and tested.
      • Currently, no code resides in this directory, as code review and testing are currently ongoing.
    • Ext Folder
      • GPSTk Developer Sandbox Code base
      • Code that is in development, prototyped, or does not meet criteria for Core Code base.
  • Python Bindings Relocated and Repaired
  • Doxygen build Repaired
  • New Initial CMake Testing framework
    • Currently in Development
    • No actual tests are being utilized at this time, only the framework
  • New GPSTk Script
    • Build and Install GPSTk Code
      • Automatically Identifies and Utilizes multiple processors for increased build speed.
      • Can be set to build only the Core Code base (Currently broken, as no code resides in Core folder)
    • Build Doxygen Documentation
    • Build Python Bindings
    • Utilize Test Framework
  • Code Header's have been standardized and updated to include GNU LGPL v3.0
  • This release includes new/modified source code comments for improved readability.
  • Various Bug Fixes - Including Bug Fix for Mac OSX 10.9.3 Mavericks
-- Contributors: BryanParsons - 22 Apr 2014


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