Release Notes 2.0

GPSTk Version 2.0 merged the Rinex3 development branch code with the main GPSTk trunk (copied at revision 2537), added new functionality (listed below), and was merged back to the main trunk with revision 3140.

The following major capabilities have been added in GPSTk 2.0:

  • RINEX 3 data format support (backward compatible with RINEX 2)
  • Multi-GNSS support (new classes for GLONASS and Galileo ephemerides, placeholders for COMPASS and Geosync/SBAS)
  • New GPS Civil Navigation message processing (for GPS III)

To implement these capabilities, some design modifications were necessary. The RINEX 3 development changed the time-oriented classes to eliminate the DayTime class, which had grown to difficult-to-manage proportions. A CommonTime class has been implemented to provide a common internal time representation. DayTime methods for other representations are replaced by methods in other available time classes (such as YDSTime, Epoch, and CivilTime). Please take a look at the TimeTag System Design for an orientation to the new time classes and their recommended usage.

PLEASE NOTE that although the GPSTk 2.0 regression tests complete successfully, the test suite is primarily focused on checking major functionality in the core gpstk library. Extensive modifications were made to all libraries and applications to use the new time classes. Given the pervasive nature of these changes, it is possible that some improper/incorrect conversions to new time classes and methods may persist in the code. If you experience any problems using v2.0 applications or libraries, please let us know by asking questions on the support site.

The following Rinex 3 classes have been added:

A significant change in the Rinex classes is that Rinex3EphemerisStore now inherits from XvtStore, rather than from GPSEphemerisStore and FileStore, in order to provide Rinex 3 processing for multiple GNSS' ephemerides.

Civil Navigation Message processing for GPS III signals is implemented in the following classes, and related test software has been added to the regression test suite:

Constants common to the various GNSSs were consolidated into GNSSconstants.hpp , and icd_200_constants.hpp has been removed. The naming of constants now reflects the system to which the constant applies, as in L1_FREQ_GPS, L1_FREQ_GLO, and L1_FREQ_GAL.

The more precise term Ellipsoid replaced Geoid for class names in the core library; the new class names are:

The Position class now addresses ECEF and Geodetic classes' data structures and algorithms; ECEF and Geodetic hpp and cpp files have been removed.

A conversion aid in the form of a cross-reference spreadsheet is attached to this page that documents GPSTk 2.0 class replacements (pdf format). The spreadsheet is a first cut, and will be improved with additional guidance, particularly regarding converting to use the new time classes.

Important note for Microsoft Visual C++ on Windows users: GPSTk 1.6 and later requires the system/compiler provide regular expression (regex) functionality. This is already included on all platforms except Visual C++. The page BuildingGPSTkUnderWindows provides instructions on how to satisfy the new dependency.

-- Contributors: SusanCummins - 15 Jun 2012


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