Release Notes Version 1.7

Important note for Microsoft Visual C++ on Windows users: GPSTk 1.6 and later requires the system/compiler provide regular expression (regex) functionality. This is already included on all platforms except Visual C++. The page BuildingGPSTkUnderWindows provides instructions on how to satisfy the new dependency.

  • The majority of version 1.7 is comprised of revision number 2476; branching took place under revision 2476 from dev/ to branches/RC1.7/, and merging the branch back to dev/ took place under revision 2535.
  • A number of modifications were made to Jamfiles and Makefiles, and some tweaks to code for clean compilation, for compatibility with the latest Cygwin, Windows 7 VS, Solaris and Mac Snow Leopard (OSX 6.6).
  • Major additions to dev/apps/bindings/octave for a SWIG-based interface to the MATLAB-like language Octave. SWIG-based Octave wrapper added for most library classes.
  • Major addition of dev/lib/geodyn library.
  • Essential documentation and minimal examples were added for various graphics formats in /ref/graphics/.
  • This release includes new/modified source code comments for improved readability.
  • Cleaned up and added comments to various examples to make them more useful.
  • The next planned release, GPSTk v2.0, will be a major upgrade and will merge the RINEX 3 development branch back into the trunk; GPSTk v1.7 is expected to be the last 1.x release.

-- Contributors: ChrisCutlip - 30 Mar 2011


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