Release Notes Version 1.6

Important note for Microsoft Visual C++ on Windows users: GPSTk 1.6 and later requires the system/compiler provide regular expression (regex) functionality. This is already included on all platforms except Visual C++. The page BuildingGPSTkUnderWindows provides instructions on how to satisfy the new dependency.

This release can be recovered by a checkout of revision number 2091 in the RC1.6 branch.

  • There is now a Rinex3 development branch. This release does not include support for Rinex3 but we hope to include it in the future.
  • Major improvements in readability of code by adding new comments and rearraging a lot of code
  • Added a large number of new data processing classes to both src and the procframe lib.
  • Added application that handles clock time-domain frequency stability metrics as well as data editing, noise identification, and plotting routines, `clocktools`.
  • Addition of new example code to deal with the new classes added. These new examples primarily deal with how to do data processing using the procframe library.

-- Contributors: RickMach - 14 May 2008 -- Contributors: AllenFarris - 02 April 2010


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