We are pleased to announce version 1.4 of the GPSTk. The changes from 1.4 are summarized in the attached ChangeLog. Binary builds have been posted to the SourceForge File Distribution Service for Windows 32 bit, Linux x386, Linux x86_64, Solaris Sparc, and Cygwin i386. The source for this build has been posted as a source tarball. Finally, checksums (md5sum and sha1sum) have been posted for download as well.

This stable release is marked by changes in the content of the GPSTk, as well as its structure and release process. Here is a high level summary of the changes.

  • Application specific libraries have been introduced. These libraries offer capabilities that are either application specific or involve dependencies beyond standard C++. This release has three such libraries: one for general and receiver specific I/O, one for graphics, and one for precise positioning.

  • The almanac and ephemeris store class have been refactored. The class BCEphemerisStore no longer exists. In addition, there is now a more generic XvtStore that can be used to describe any general motion, e.g., a rover. There is a guide to the changes in the ChangeLog. The guide includes suggestions for specific general replacements that make it straightforward to update existing code that uses the old classes.

  • The GPS data structures framework has been extended.

  • Support for YUMA and SEM files has been added.

  • This is our first release to take advantage of branching. Lots of great work continued in the development branch while testing occurred in the stable release 1.4 branch. The stable release branch was created from the main on Nov. 1, 2007.

This release can be recovered by a checkout of revision number 1028 in the RC1.4 branch.

-- Contributors: BenHarris - 19 Dec 2007


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