Vselvolod Ivanov's TEC Model

Dr. Ivanov of the Irkutsk State University is proposing a new ionosphere model. We would like to use the GPSTk to evaluate its performance. This page is a working document describing our progress in that effort.

Background and Conceptual Description

Here we describe the purpose of the model -- navigation, space weather, etc. Also we describe the model's inputs (files, indexes, positions) and outputs (TECV).

Also we describe prior work in this field. How does this method differ from other approaches (dual frequency observations, Klobuchar model, etc).


Here we place enough detail so that someone could reproduce our work. Perhaps we can skip this until we are writing a paper.

Also here we define the transformations we need to evaluate the model. However the results are later.


We describe what programs and data we used to implement the evaluation. For instance, if this is for navigation, do we get ionosphere levels from a website? Where did we get dual or triple frequency observations? What implementation of Klobuchar model was used?


Here we compare the output of the model to other models. For example, plot this model versus the output of the Klobuchar or from real double or triple frequency observations.

If the model is applied, plot to application output. For example, if this is for navigation, we could output the position cloud for a reference station, or statistics.


Here we assess how the model performed--if it performed as expected. Any irregularities in the output could be discussed as well.


The success of the model is descrbed. Implication for future work could be described as well.

-- Contributors: BenHarris - 01 Nov 2010


Hi Ben! Yes. It is made for replacement of model of Klobuchar. Yes. It is made for navigation. While for testing we will work in a postprocessing mode. We will use RINEX files (obs and nav) In a postprocessing mode we will use measured indexes F10.7. Further it is possible to ask to transfer an index in the navigating message or to use the forecast of solar activity. Also I think that it is possible to receive this information from alpha and beta coefficients already transferred in the navigating message. It we will investigate. The executed file has unloaded on page. But I'm sure there is no virus! Inform me please about this. Regards! Vsevolod.

-- VsevolodIvanov - 02 Nov 2010

Virus 'Troj/Poison-CC' found in file Development/IvanovIonoModel/Project2.exe

-- RickMach - 02 Nov 2010

What kind of antivirus program can I use to protect my computer?

-- VsevolodIvanov - 03 Nov 2010

We are still doing some more checking. It is possible this could be a false positive. Other checkers are saying the file is clean. We are still investigating.

As for which program to use, we have used ClamAV, Symmantec/Norton, Sophos, and Microsoft. Not sure which is the best. You can get ClamAV and the Microsoft one for free.

-- RickMach - 03 Nov 2010

For RickMach. Inform me please about result of investigation. Program Sophos Anti-Virus also show thet file is infected.

-- VsevolodIvanov - 04 Nov 2010

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