Using Git for GPSTk development

What is Git?

Git is a distributed revision control system. It records all the source code, and tracks changes to that source code.

It can be downloaded from There is also a book about Git usage online at

See Installing Git Client

How does GPSTk use Git?

The GPSTk project currently contains Git configuration files within the source code, and will use a future ARL Git server store and track changes to the source code. When the server is complete, developers will have the ability to contribute to GPSTk using Git, since it is the most convenient method if you are doing more than a one-off patch.


Check-ins will be automatically mailed to the gpstk-sourceforge mailing list. See GPSTkEmailLists.

Basic commands

Task Command Notes
Get a copy of the repository git clone https://address/of/future/server *The tree is writeable.
Fetch latest changes from origin git fetch  
Pull latest changes changes from origin to your repository git pull Conflicts are noted, and files in conflict are modified with markers.
List your changes prior to staging/committing them git status  
Abandon changes git checkout [file]  
Stage your changes git add  
Unstage your changes git reset  
Commit your changes git commit [optional -m "Mandatory log message"] If you don't supply a log message it will launch a text editor for you to enter one in. Which editor is launched can be redefined by setting the EDITOR environment variable.
Get help all commands git help  
Get help on a command git help [command]  

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