Instructions for Using Advanced Installer to Create MSI Files for Windows

  1. Install Advanced Installer for Windows. It can be found at If you do not have an administrator account you must ask someone who does to install it for you.
  2. Run the program, there should be a shortcut automatically installed on your Desktop.
  3. Load project file for the GPSTk. This file can be located at gpstk/ref/build/gpstk.aip.
  4. Update version number in the "Product Details" menu. If it asks you if you would like to generate a new Product Code, select yes.
  5. Update file locations in the "Files and Folders" menu, be sure to add new files and remove old files as well. Once all files have been updated there should be no folder which contains a file that has a size of "???", this indicates that the file cannot be found by Advanced Installer.
  6. Select "Build" from the tool bar. Once the MSI file has been generated run it to test and make sure it works.
  7. Save the project file back into gpstk/ref/build/gpstk.aip, commit this change to the repository.
  8. Continue the instructions for the stable release process.

-- Contributors: AllenFarris - 26 Jun 2009


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