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GPSTk User's Guide

A GPSTk User's Guide has been written and compiled using LATEX. This document is intended to act as a guide for users of the GPSTk applications.

This guide is generated from both LATEX source and from actual execution of the GPS Toolkit applications. That is, the examples are actually executed and captured as part of the document generation process. This framework was first established by Tim Craddock as a student project in Summer 2006.

The A download of the latest stable release of the GPSTk source to code will already contain the old guide source for can be obtained through the manual under SourceForge Subversion service. A checkout of the entire Subversion repository for the GPSTk will already contain the source for the manual under gpstk/ref/usersguide . The user's guide source can be browsed (but not changed) over the web.

GPSTk Online Reference

An online GPSTk Reference Manual exists in two versions:

  • A one page reference. If you already know the application you want to use, this is the better place to find documentation.
  • An annotated index. If you want more information about which application to use, or if you want to add new documentation, this is the better place to start.

-- BryanParsons- 24 May 04 Sep 2013

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