Difference: InstallGPSTkPythonBindings (r7 vs. r6)


Dear All,

The following link http://www.gpstk.org/pythondoc/build.html deals with GPStk python installation. I went through all contain but I couldn?t find where can I download GPStk package with setup.py script. I have downloaded this package: gpstk-2.1.src.tar.gz from http://sourceforge.net/projects/gpstk/files/gpstk/2.1/. Unfortunately it doesn?t contain such script for installation (setup.py).

I?ll be very tankful if you could advise me where can I download the right package and execute the proposed installation procedure.

Many thanks, Matev

-- KrasimirMatev - 02 Sep 2013


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Hello Matev,

While the GPSTk Python installation instructions can now be found online, GPSTk Users and Developers outside of ARL will not have access to the GPSTk bindings until v2.2 of the Toolkit is released. Fortunately, that release is scheduled for this Friday, Sept 6, so you won't have to wait long to test them out.

Hope that helped, and thanks for your interest in the GPSTk.

-- BryanParsons - 03 Sep 2013

Dear Bryan

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. Yes, it helped me a lot. It seems I am lucky since only 2 days left. I look forward the new release of GPSTk v2.2.

All the best!

-- KrasimirMatev - 04 Sep 2013

-- KrasimirMatev - 05 Sep 2013

Dear Bryan

I try to install GPSToolkit 2.2 using Python on Windows XP, but I get this error: "package directory 'apps\bindings_installer\gpstk' does not exist" Can you help me?


-- DzevadK - 27 Nov 2013

-- DzevadK - 29 Nov 2013 No such template def TMPL:DEF{PROMPT:supportquery}

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