Difference: GPSTkDownloads (r16 vs. r15)

Downloading the Latest Stable Version

The latest stable version is available online on Sourceforge for most desktop platforms. Diego Berge has generated RPMs for a variety of Linux platforms starting with version 1.4.

The Stable Release is intended for general use. Each version is in the form of a tarball containing the platform independent GPSTk Project source code and supporting information. Additional files contain compiled binaries for several common platforms. MD5 and SHA1 hashes are provided in the Release Notes for each version.

GPSTk uses the GNU "standard" for naming releases, e.g. gpstk-1.1.07. The first number is a major release identifier, the second is a revision, and the third is a patch level. After the version number will be a descriptor that indicates the contents of the particular file. The following descriptors are used:

src Platform independent source code of the GPSTk.
solaris.sparc Sun Solaris Sparc compiled binaries
linux.x86_64 Linux 64-bit compiled binaries
mac.osx Mac OSX compiled binaries
win32 Microsoft Windows 32-bit compiled binaries
win64 Microsoft Windows 64-bit compiled binaries

Obtaining the Latest Development Version

The latest development code can be obtained using SourceForge's Subversion repository for the GSPTk. The contents of the repository can be browsed over the web, or downloaded using the Subversion utility svn. The following command can be used to obtain a copy of the latest code using the svn utility.

svn checkout https://gpstk.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/gpstk

Read-Only Access

svn checkout svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/gpstk/code/ gpstk-code

Read-Write Access

svn checkout --username=(sourceforge_username) svn+ssh://(sourceforge_username)@svn.code.sf.net/p/gpstk/code/ gpstk-code

Subversion is an open source system for code revision. It is available for download online. The full text of the Subversion manual is also available over the web.

Latest Subversion Build Status

This table contains the build status of the source (in Git) on a number of platforms. The developers at Applied Research Laboratories attempt to regularly compile the source code on different platforms using CMake. The goal is to update this table every week with status reports for each platform tested. Hopefully this will aid the development team in finding bugs quickly and addressing them in a timely manner.

LAST UPDATED: 28 April 2015

Linux 64-bit Yes
Solaris Sparc Yes
Windows - VS 2012 IDE (x86) Yes
Windows - VS 2012 IDE (x64) Yes
Mac OSX - Terminal Yes
Mac OSX - XCode IDE Yes
  • NT - Not Tested
  • NS - Not Supported on this platform

Jam Utility

Windows .NET compiler - jam.exe
Windows/Cygwin GCC compiler - jam.exe
Linux - jam
Solaris - jam
AIX - jam
Mac OS X - jam

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