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The Development web is an incubator for brainstorming ideas. Rule: There are no rules for brainstorming. Please don't hesitate to bring ideas that sound odd.

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Design Discussion and Comments on RINEX version 3 Support in the GPSTk A new initiative is underway to, over the next year or so, add features to the GPSTk which relate ...
Method for updating observation counts in RINEX obs file header A common need for those writing RINEX observations in post processing is to summarize the number of ...
Support for compressed RINEX Often RINEX observations are posted to Internet archives in one of two compressed formats. Sometimes the obs file is simply compressed ...
Support for Mac OS X Although OS X has a version of gcc, the port to OS X is not transparent. Even when the compilation is successful, some applications core dump ...
SINEX support in library and apps This suggestion comes from Mike Craymer of GPS World. "It might also be useful if a future release would output positions in SINEX ...
Use of parity bits when building EngEphemeris It has been reported (not verified) that the routines in do not check the parity bits when and is being built frame ...
Wrapper interface for Perl, Python, others It would be nice to benefit from GPSTk functionality by direct calls from within scripting languages without perl. By direct ...
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